Anni Garza Lau A Pragmatic Digital Art Manifesto


The art I am interested in is the one that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative process. These artistic practices determine, from their tools and media, a unique and expressive language by themselves, that can't be compared or treated as other arts. In this sense, it is difficult to define because it is beyond the existing structures in art market and amongst curators. Digital art is then the most clear and direct way an artist may reach its audience, without intermediaries and with the active participation of others: digital art requires an action to be shown. A click, dragging an object, pressing the "play" button, and roughly lots of other types of interaction.


This manifesto is a practical experiment exploring the expressive capabilities of digital media through statements that can only be verifiable in their own environment. In this way, the artist seeks to clarify for herself  the limits of the tool she has chosen, while opening a pragmatic discussion based on facts about what may or may not be digital art. Therefore it is flexible and will surely change over time.