Anni Garza Lau

I started my career as an animator and videogame designer, these experiences marked my further artistic work. The use of technology, game structures, references from different audiovisual material (videoclips, movies, videogames), have been often used tools for me in the intend for creating artwork that may generate meaningful experiences for the audience in order to expand their physical capabilities as a medium for investigating non-linear storytelling and affective/cognitive situations.


For me, using technological devices means the possibility to reach other people and share important knowledge and ideas, leading to a rich, complex, collaborative work that involves a more global social interest and participation than many other artistic expressions


 2005. Academic Recidence in Audiovisual Communication at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain.


 2001-2005. Visual Arts Degree at Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos. Video & Animation specialist, Morelos, Mexico.


2015. FILE - International Festival for Electronic Language. SESI-SP, São Paulo, Brazil.


2015. Not Art - solo exhibition. The Neon Rex Project gallery. Mexico City.


2015. Periferica Interactive and Digital Art Fest. Fusolab 2.0. Rome, Italy.


2015. Neuroart. Together Gallery. Rome, Italy.


2014. Festival della Scienza. Palazzo della Commenda di Pre, Genoa, Italy.


 2014. Muestra del Programa de Apoyo a la Producción e Investigación en Arte y Medios. Central gallery, National Arts Center, Mexico City.


 2014. Privacy Agreement. White Cremnitz gallery. Mexico City.


 2014. Unpainted - International Digital Art Fair. Postpalast Munich, Germany


 2014. Prisma Rectangular. Centro Cultural Estación Indianilla, Mexico City


 2013. YICCA prize. Red House, Sofia, Bulgaria.


 2013. Biomediaciones - Transitio MX05. CCD Estela de Luz, Mexico City.


2013. Toolkit Festival. A plus A gallery, Venice, Italy.


 2012. XXXII Encuentro Nacional de Arte Joven. Gallery of the city in Aguascalientes, Mexico.


2012. TROIS ESSAIS SUR L'ART ET LA TECHNOLOGIE, Galerie des Arts Visuels, Université Laval, Quebec, Canada.


2012. 6th EDITION OF ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE, Arsenale, Venice, Italy.


2011. CREACIÓN EN MOVIMIENTO, FONCA , Museo Diego Rivera "Anahuacalli", Ciudad de Méx, México.


2010. CREACIÓN EN MOVIMIENTO, FONCA , Museo de los pintores Oaxaqueños, Oaxaca, Mexico.


2010. CUADRO, Polyforum Siqueiros, Mexico City, Mexico.


2009. CUADRO, Centro Cultural Estacion Indianilla, Mexico City, Mexico.


2008. FOTOGRAFEST, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.


Prizes / AIR

2014-2015. Fellowship holder - Program for young creators. Multimedia | FONCA, Mexico City, Mexico.


2014. Honorary mention in Prisma Rectangular Prize. Mexico City.


2013. Artist in residence. Werkleitz-CMM-Goethe Institut Mexico-FONCA-EMARE. Werkleitz Zentrum für Medien Kunst, Halle (Saale), Germany.


 2013. Fellowship holder - Program for Production and Research in Art and Media, CMM, CENART. Mexico City, Mexico.


2012. Finalist for Arte Laguna Prize. Arte Laguna, Cultural Association MOCA, Venice, Italy.


2012. Selection. XXXII Encuentro Nacional de Arte Joven Prize. Aguascalientes, Mexico.


2009-2010.  Fellowship holder - Program for young creators. Multimedia | FONCA, Mexico City, Mexico.


2008. Fellowship holder - Program for young creators. Multimedia | FOECA Morelos, Morelos Mexico.


2007-2015. Lecturer in Transitos Diploma at National Arts Center, Mexico City.


2012-2013. Workshops for the Digital Culture Center Estela de Luz, Mexico City.


2009-2014. Course - Art aproach by Computers. Videogame & Electronic music development. Academic Extension, National Center for the Arts, CENART, Mexico City, Mexico.


2009-2013. Course - Complementary Concentration Academic Development Direction, National Center for the Arts, CENART, Mexico City, Mexico.


2009-2013. Instructor for  Activ (Authorized Center).


2010. Workshop at Third International Encounter for Artistic Education at Arts Center in Zamora, Michoacán.


2009.  Course - Interfases & Structures. Art Faculty, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, Morelos, Mexico.

 2015. The intangible art. Practices of a technological era. Skepsis - MUAC, Mexico city.


2014. Conference. The art in game with technología. Campus Party MX. Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico


2013. Generative Art and Face Detection. Werkleitz Zentrum für Medien Kunst. Germany.


 2012. Videogames and Art. DevHourMX in CENART. Mexico.


2012. Augmentede Reality and Art. Marterclass at Thinking Dojo. Mexico.


2011. Transdisciplinary Artistic Production for the First Encounter of Transversal Art at CENART. Mexico.


2009. Videogames/Sujeto en la pantalla at MUAC(Universitary Contemporary Art Museum) and Laboratorio Arte Alameda. Mexico.


2015. Revista Gatopardo, Portafolio. Mexico: Pasos por la independencia


2015. Interview for Panopticon Magazine. Mexico: Panopticon


2014. Chapter for book. "Dispositivos en Tránsito, disposiciones y potencialidades en comunidades de creación". Chapter: Sistemas Lúdicos, el juego como detonante del proceso creativo colaborativo. Conaculta, Mexico.


2014. Muestra PAPIAM CCM catalogue, Mexico.


2013. Interview for LandEscape art review, December issue. London: LandEscape


2013. Emare- Transitio catalogue. Mexico


2013. YICCA prize catalogue. Bulgaria.


 2013. Toolkit Festival (3rd edition) catalogue. Italy.


 2012. "Transversal research: collective knowledge develoment in virtual communities",  paper for the Global Society Conference / Global Net Society. Spain/Belgium


2012. Featured work on Espacio Enter Canarias Festival, Spain.


2012. Arte Laguna Art Prize 11.12 catalogue. Italy.


2010. CUADRO, Guía de Artistas Emergentes, Mexico.


2010. ARS-tesauro, Diccionario de Artistas Emergentes, México.


2010. (Redy) Media, Laboratorio de Arte Alameda,Mexico City, Mexico.