Anni Garza Lau

Unbekanntes Gesicht | Social media installation/action/face detection

Datanimbus | Interactive installation/social media/augmented reality

Environmental Disturbances | Interactive video-installation through brainwaves

Second Look | Augmented Reality App/Prints

After Dark | Interactive Storytelling/Game for hacked Nintendos DS

The Drama Manager | Interactive Storytelling/ Affective voice gesture detection

collaboration / commission

540 000 000 | Kinectic sculpute with laser and thermosensitive paper

From FM to Cellular Authomata | Game of life affected by FM radio frequencies.

Painting Camel | Drawing app and projection.

Happy Pixel | Interactive installation / Commissioned work

Nota Alta | Interactive installation / Commissioned work

Laser Music Sequencer | Interactive installation / Commissioned work

Crossover | Realtime audiovisual controlled by drawing on Nintendos DS

Campo de Estrellas | Realtime visuals and video for theater play.

Pabellón de Visita | Performance for interactive installation