Through different digital, electronic and molecular biology techniques, Anni Garza-Lau and Dr. Lilianha Domínguez explore possible forms of non-natural human evolution. Initially taking into account trans and posthumanist postulates, they question the presupposed concept of human and the way we express that humanity, particularly in our social and natural environment as well as our relationship with other organic and synthetic beings. From a pragmatic perspective, they consider biohacking / DIY biology, data mining, big data and AI as tools that will shape different global scenarios in the near future depending on their common, economic, social or political use. From this point of view, the artist and molecular biologist  duo use a transdisciplinary approach to start a series of conversations across the field of art and science (and their intersections with philosophy, politics and law,  ecology, economy) that result on artworks aiming to address the ethical implications of quantifying certain information and at the same time propose other ways to approach posthumanism.


Having the body and identity as starting point, Unnatural Selection questions the ethical and aesthetic implications of using certain technologies developed in the last twenty years and projects it to viable scenarios. Although all the resulting artworks are related and part of the same project, because of the complexity of each process they are presented separately in this website.


This project is supported by the SACPC (Sistema de Apoyos a la Creación y Proyectos Culturales), Mexico.